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Welcome to Terranova

Terranova is a nostalgic interactive fiction game set in the early 2000's following four fangirls and their roleplay community on LimeJournal.

Follow the lives of Ephemeralsmile, Cherrygoround and Sendaria as you chat them, befriend them, and discover yourself through a rich world of storytelling, love and friendship.

Terranova features...

  • A nostalgic interface that transports you to a time before Twitter
  • A full ten hours of story, complete with romance, drama and plot twists galore
  • A LimeJournal for you to blog about your life
  • Fully functional IM to chat your friends and Solitaire to waste time while you chat your friends
  • Your choices matter; three unique endings based on your choices
  • Roleplay. Lots and lots of roleplay.

...and more!

terranova scrnshot full

How can I play?

Terranova is available for Mac, Windows and Linux on itch.io and Steam. (Linux version coming to Steam soon)

Play on itch.io Play on Steam